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The arts as well as being a cultural sphere are also a language. The language of contemporary culture – the visual, the digital, sound infused age we call 21st century Britain. Podcasts and TV, moving digital billboards to music, galleries, theatre and cinema, all give a voice to the zeitgeist of our age and speak into our everyday lives. Art is a language that we use to engage with the communities in which we live, the cities in which we serve and the cultural spheres that use creative language to shape our societies.

How can we, as Church, as Christians, begin to affect and influence the cultural language of our society? Through good works and acts of kindness, through the words we speak, write and preach, but also through the beauty and creative expressions we use in all the arts, from music, to theatre, dance, visual arts, and architecture and more.

Let’s expand our vision of how valuable the arts are to us, let’s train up, encourage, disciple, and nurture the creative talent within our congregations to be released into our communities to bless, enhance, share stories, offer beauty and transformation – an alternative way of hope.

If you are interested in working with us on the development of this particular sphere, then please get in touch with Lesley Sutton lesley@gatherglobal.co.uk

You can also visit our dedicated GATHERARTS website at http://arts.gather.global