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The Baton has been passed on – Movement Day UK Oct 2017

The Baton has been passed on – Movement Day UK Oct 2017

Movement Day UK

The baton has been passed on. After the huge success of Global Movement Day in New York last month with over 3,000 people from 95 nations attending, the next major place to host a Movement Day will be in the UK in 2107. The venue is booked at Methodist Central Hall on 6th & 7th October, where we are going to gather many hundreds of Church leaders and Christians who serve in the main cultural spheres of life to continue the vital conversation regarding our the future of our cities and towns.

So what is it all about?

  • Movement Day is a major two day conversation between practitioners about the future development of our cities and towns.
  • Movement Day is about unity, believing that a silo mentality has effected our cities and towns in negative ways.
  • Movement Day believes in a God who loves our places and calls us to bless them.
  • Movement Day believes in the power of prayer to see lasting change.
  • Movement Day is about releasing and enabling Christians to be the change agents in society.
  • Movement Day is about growing churches that are envisioned and equipped to transform cities and towns.

Movement Day is about inspiring, challenging and equipping people to go back and set up transformational networks in the spheres of life.

Over the two days the core themes will include:

  • Need and the biblical call for the transformation of our places
  • The foundational truth that transformation accord out of unity.
  • The key priority of leadership.
  • The vision for Kingdom transformation.

The seminars and workshops will include:

  • Evangelism in today’s world
  • Developing ethnic unity
  • Effective social action and justice
  • Growing public leaders
  • Praying for your place
  • Growing a transformational church.
  • What sort of leadership do we need for city transformation.
  • Understanding your place
  • Whole life discipleship
  • Understand the story and needs of your place.
  • Serving amongst the urban poor

The Sphere tracks (on the Saturday) which are longer and more conversational will include broad themes focusing on Arts, Business, Church unity, Children and families, Education, Health, Local Govt / Politics, Prayer, Transformational Church, Media, Safety, Women and Urban life.

Who’s behind it?

Movement Day is a unified approach by many different organisations, networks and churches. At its heart are the numerous unity movements forming in cities and towns among church leaders and sphere leaders. Alongside these major groupings are individual organisations and people who have a heart to see their town or city significantly changed. They are people working for social justice, feeding the poor, serving as street pastors or community chaplains, running groups for children, young people and the elderly. They can serve as hospital porters or chief executives but their passion is the same, to make a difference for the people they serve and the place God has embedded them into.

Alongside all these people a number of organisations and networks have lent their support and resources to make this event a success including, Gather, Evangelical Alliance, Churches Together in England, Stewardship, Methodist Central Hall, LICC, Redeeming our Communities, Hope, World Prayer Centre, Share Jesus International, Movement Day, Cinnamon, Saltbox and others.

Whats the link to the New York Movement Day?

Movement Day UK is inspired and encouraged by the vision to see Movement Day conversations in many cites and nations across the globe. Already there are Movement Days being planned in Australia, South Africa, Haiti, Germany and across cities such as Hong Kong, Jakarta, Mumbai, Oslo, Miami and Seattle. We are deeply thankful to Mac Pier and the New York City Leadership Centre who carry this vision and cheer us on. However this is a movement and not an organisation so each city or nation will be responsible for its own resourcing and organisation. This is an indigenous expression of a global more of God.

What are we hoping to achieve?

Movement Day is not just a one off event it is a pivotal moment in a long term ongoing conversation about the need to express mission in a unified approach and to see the Christians released and reproduced to amen a difference in the spheres of life.

There are some key outcomes we are aiming for:

1. To raise awareness:
To significantly raise the awareness and need for a missional perspective of unity-for-
transformation across the nation.

2. Accelerate unity across towns and cities:
Accelerate the vision and scope of the existing movements and see a significant number of new unity-for-transformation movements arise in places where little is happening.

3. Accelerate unity in the spheres:
To see a significant number of transformational networks of Christians in the cultural spheres starting up across cities and towns.

4. London unity:
To add vision and ambition to see London form a more cohesive and effective unity

5. Mission priorities:
To accelerate a number of key missional priorities which include evangelism, racial unity,
the millennial generation, whole-life discipleship, public leadership, local government
partnerships and justice issues.

6. Conversation:
To create a large room for people to meet, connect, build relationships and see what God does.

7. Expression of national unity:
To provide an event to culminate the year of unity in 2017.

Please book now to secure your place and stand with us in this vision.

Rev Roger Sutton – Director Gather



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13th November 2016