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Praying for place: Perspective versus reality

Praying for place: Perspective versus reality

One of the exciting things for me about traveling around many different cities, towns and villages across England is to hear how the people who passionately love their place see and talk about it.

We can all have a perspective of a place but the people who know it best and have prayed for it over a long time know its God-given potential. In listening to the Father’s heart for their place, they move from just having a perspective of their place to knowing God’s future for it.

They start to see their place as God sees it, whether that’s spiritually, economically, or to do with education or health. Their depth of prayer takes on a new level and their wisdom, understanding and knowledge are increased through Him for that place (Proverbs 24.3-4).

Every place needs those who are called and committed to Him, people who feel a sense of ownership and responsibility in Him for both the present and the future of that place, people who have a sense of leaving a legacy for others.

I have been very privileged to meet and talk to people like this in different parts of the country this year, including people in Blackburn, Crewe, Leeds, Doncaster, Birmingham, Wakefield, and across greater Manchester and London.

On reflection, the one thing that has struck me is that ‘iron sharpens iron’: we need to sharpen up together as leaders of unity groups and sphere leaders. We have an amazing potential to grow and develop in Him and He has given us each other to help in this process.

So who are you sharpening up with?

Who are you praying for and encouraging in Jesus as we stand for our places in Him?

Who are the leaders from other places that you are sharpening up with and learning from?

Who is helping you move from a perspective of your place to the reality of your place for the present and the future?

If we go together in this we can see place after place transformed, and a nation changed.

If you’d like to talk more about prayer for your place, contact Dave King from the GATHER team.


Photo credit: Todd Quackenbush

Posted on

23rd March 2016