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Liverpool is Sharing the Gospel

Liverpool is Sharing the Gospel

Unity movements all around the country have begun to harness together the exemplary social action work they do. There is much greater co-ordination and strategic thinking in their delivery of services to the poor and vulnerable. However, the work of sharing faith in this highly secularised world has been more of a struggle both for individual churches and for unity movements. “Together for the Harvest” a vibrant unity movement across the Liverpool region has been bucking this trend for many years. 

Its vision is to see every man, woman and child in the Liverpool City Region reached with the gospel in the next 10 years. The Liverpool City Region comprises 6 boroughs and is home to approximately 1.5million people. This is a vision that requires the combined efforts of every Christian in the Liverpool City Region to share the gospel with the people in their lives. To enable them to realise their vision they have developed a training programme to support Christians called “Brighter.”


Brighter Training

During August and September 2017, they partnered with The Light Project to create a training resource that would help everyday Christians be confident in the following three areas: 

  1. Sharing your story 
  2. Talking about Jesus 
  3. Inviting someone to a Christian event 

Their partnership resulted in the creation of a 4 week course called “Brighter: 3 habits to help you shine.”

Each participant is asked to start by praying for 5 people who do not yet know Jesus and to continue to pray for them for the duration of the course. Each session includes some input from a trainer, some team and individual exercises and some homework to practice what was learned that week.

The response so far has been very positive. 

It has been encouraging to hear more testimonies in church as a result of the course. Made me re-evaluate the power and grace of God in my own testimony, and it has caused me to pray more for people I know who don’t know Jesus. – Brighter Participant 

I thought it was a great earthing of Ephesians 4:11&12 – i.e. evangelists working out how we actually equip the saints to witness effectively. I have not really seen this much before as an intentional ministry, other than individual effort. – Evangelist Trainer

In October 2017 they trained 7 local evangelists from across the region to deliver training to local churches and church networks. The evangelists are linked with local churches or networks to deliver Brighter to their members.

They currently have Brighter courses taking place in Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton, Wirral and Halton, five of the six boroughs of the Liverpool City Region. They will be running more Brighter courses throughout the year and are hopeful that they will see courses in all of the six boroughs.

Nic Harding the director of Together for the Harvest says “We hope that in continuing to provide Brighter as a training course to church members, confidence will increase not only in proclaiming the gospel but also in the demonstration of the gospel in the Liverpool City Region. Imagine what could happen if every church trained the majority of its members in gospel confidence, and gospel fluency.”

They have made a short video for church leaders and members as a way to encourage them to both support this initiative and get involved. Please take a look and get inspired to be Brighter!




Posted on

18th May 2018