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Lent Prayer in Lambeth and Southwark

Lent Prayer in Lambeth and Southwark

We’re really pleased to share with you a joint prayer initiative that will be happening in Lent this year. London Boroughs Lambeth and Southwark are joining forces to make an even greater impact for the kingdom. Here’s what Phil Stokes Ben Goodyear say about it:

“Over recent years churches in the borough of Lambeth have taken turns to host either a week or half-week of prayer for people in their churches and other churches to come into their church buildings to pray for the community.  

This year Southwark For Jesus and Love Lambeth are partnering to invite churches in the boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth to join in this prayer initiative which will take place during LENT – March 6th @ 8pm –  finishing on Easter Sunday 21st April @6.30pm 

We would like to generate continuous prayer for the whole of Lent. Some churches in the past have gone for the full 24-7 prayer, some have had to close at night and reopen in the mornings. Prayer Stations (resources for displays) will be provided for the churches involved which will have information about different community initiatives that need prayer  e.g. CAP, Foodbank, Police, Street Pastors, Schools….  As well as prayer displays we will provide an online signup system where people can book in an hour of prayer in the prayer room.  

The final week of prayer will be hosted at St Mark’s  (OVAL) which is on the border of Lambeth and Southwark and will end with a joint Easter service of praise and thanksgiving at 18.30pm at St Marks with all the churches involved invited and encouraged to join in. This should be a special evening.

We anticipate a significant season of prayer early this year as we prepare for a greater harvest of Kingdom blessings and breakthroughs in our two boroughs.”

If you’d like to know more or even host a prayer station at your church you can email them at admin@sfj.org.uk


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23rd January 2019