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Barking Churches Unite is a unity movement that is really living out their values in their place. With a foundation of commitment to prayer and supporting one another, they have big dreams for Barking. As a united church their desire is to bring hope, help and restoration in the community. We’re going to share with you some of the beautiful and practical ways in which they are doing that.

Barking is a town of 5 zones so BCU are working to a strategy that meets the specific needs of each of those zones:

They have begun with prayer in each zone. Street prayer, United prayer sessions and leader’s meetings.

They’ve created networks for intercessors and youth who meet regularly for prayer and worship.

They support each other in mission programs at specific times of the year. A Christmas Prayer Tree, where the public place a prayer star on the tree and at Easter a prayer flower is planted in an Easter Garden. They take part in the Community One Borough Day.

The support a number of partner ministries including Hope4BarkingDagenham Night Shelter (7 day Night Shelter for 10 months of the year), KIdz Klub (Saturday club for primary aged children), Barking Food Bank, Street Pastors, Barking Business Chaplaincy, Rebuild-Sustain (bereavement support group), Pieced Together (arts therapy) and Music Academy.

On top of all this they have opened a shop called The Source which seeks to demonstrate God’s love, to bring hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless, give freedom to all those feeling lost and broken and to bring restoration and healing through the power of God and the support that is given. The Source provides free support to those living in the borough and helps people in four ways:

  • Information & Services Signposting
  • Practical Help & Support
  • Talk and Supportive Care
  • Prayer Chapel and offices to Barking Churches ministries

At The Source the unified church feed those who are in need through “Pit Stop” Monday to Saturday. This involves people who are homeless, providing Food Bank vouchers and in some cases food parcels, help filling in forms, accessing benefits, public services and church community services. They are also an address to the homeless so people can access services; referrals to Hope4Barking and Dagenham Night Shelter. In the past 12 months they have had over 12,000 guests.

If you would like to know more their contact details are:

Mick Mednick
Co-Ordinator / Chairperson of Barking Churches Unite
Director of the Source
0208 924 0538
Facebook – Barking Churches Unite




Amanda Shaw
Development Facilitator
Source Manager0208 594 2404