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We are so grateful to God for bringing together more than 140 leaders from more than 40 places across the UK to spend time worshiping, praying, discussing and sharing stories. We are just starting to work through all the incredible feedback we collated from the discussion times and we are so encouraged to recognise once again how powerfully God is working in this nation. Unity is worth contending for.


Our talks were bible studies which explored 4 different aspects of Prayer. Gather’s Dave King spoke on Praying for One Another and Praying for Vision and we were blessed to have Dr Tani Omideyi speak on Praying for Your Place and Paul Goodliff from Churches Together in England spoke on Praying for Unity.


With panel interviews on celebrating, building and holding unity, social issues, evangelism and outreach we heard some inspirational and thought provoking examples from different contexts. We’d like to thank all of those who shared for their honesty and openness.


We were excited to get to collect so much feedback from the discussion times via our google forms. This is what the summit is all about and we look forward to sharing the learning and ideas you all discussed. We also used interactive polls to get survey the leaders in the room on a few specific questions. We’ve published the results of those polls on our website.

The discussions went even deeper in the breakout sessions which opened up more time to delve into specific unity issues including increasing unity across boundaries, transitioning leadership, theology of unity, starting unity and moving forward, communications and cultivating a culture of evangelism.






“I was just standing back and seeing how far we’ve all come now. After 8 years of building the Gather Network, we have been able to see some significant fruit developing. Cities and towns are deepening their relational unity, and gathering together to pray like never before. And this is resulting in some exciting missional impact. Because of the network, more hungry people are being fed, more homeless people are being housed, more people are being reached for Christ, more lonely people are being loved, more elderly people are being comforted. We are becoming much more coordinated and strategic as we seek to serve and reach our towns and cities. Without the network I don’t think we would have developed as well or as quickly. Places have learnt from our mistakes and that, for me, is the power of mutual learning. Because of the network, newer movements are moving faster, they’re getting more developed and we’re seeing that impact.” Roger Sutton, Gather Director

“A BIG THANK YOU for a wonderful time together!  You put so much effort into it, so much organising, so much time.  And it was great.  Spirit filled, inspirational, lots of excellent conversations and connections, brilliant to meet up with old friends again, lots of great ideas…” Sir Peter Heywood, BathCAN (Bath Christian Action Network)

Highlights From the Feedback Forms

“Meeting people of similar vision and heart. Rhythm of worship/prayer to be the foundation of ‘activity’. This is God’s thing.”

“Amazing Breakout time: Communication and Fundraising. The worship was fabulous and inspiring”

“Connecting with new people. Teachings. Worship. Prayer. Workshops.”

“Hearing what other churches around the country are doing”

“Feeling part of something bigger – expanding vision. Food for thought – good concise messages. Being prayed for by the city prayer team.”

“Inclusion of all parts of the UK. Groups – excellent interaction and discussion helpful. Worship excellent.”




Celebrating Unity – York, London, Teesside

Building & Holding Unity – Reading, Chester, Newham


We spent the last session praying for one another and anointing each other as leaders to go back to our cities, boroughs, towns and villages. We would love to know what the next step is for your unity movement. Maybe you were challenged by one particular aspect of the summit and want to bring that back to your unity movement, maybe you felt a refreshing and renewing of vision for your place, maybe you are going to start a unity movement where you serve, maybe you discerned that Movement Day is the next step to consider.

We want to know what that one thing is that you feel is the way forward for unity in your place. We’ve created one more google form for you to use to tell us. Please fill it out. We would love to serve you and support you as you take that next step.


Before the Summit we created a private Facebook group for all those attending the summit to join and ask questions about the summit. We’ve got 57 members there who are unity leaders from all across the country.

We have now transitioned that group into a unity leaders discussion forum. We’ve renamed it GATHER UNITY LEADERS and we’d like to invite you all to join.

We think it is a great place to share unity resources, ask questions and get connected to other unity movements. This is a network that has been built on shared stories and shared learning so we hope you will enjoy being more engaged.

The group is moderated by the Gather team but anyone can start a discussion topic and give updates and information.