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There is a growing intentionality within the Church to fully integrate business with the call of the whole Church family. It is a desire to see people and communities positively transformed through for-profit business activities and to see business builders also embraced by the local Church.

The strategic role of business places it at the heart of our society. Businesses are ideally placed to benefit individuals, communities, cities, countries and nations. We are seeing missional entrepreneurship and transformational business as key to seeing our world changed for the better. There is a significant difference between money and wealth; we can lose all our money but still retain our wealth. Wealth has a consistent value that goes beyond the financial. How can we demonstrate what the kingdom of God is like in the context of business? How can we engage with the world’s social, economic, environmental and spiritual issues?

If you are interested in working with us on the development of this particular sphere, then please get in touch with Ian Mayer ian@gatherglobal.co.uk