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The Story So Far

All over this country, in cities, towns and villages, God has been doing a hidden work. Christian leaders and churches over the last twenty years have been forming vibrant mission-focused unity movements based on a foundation of prayer and friendship.

So far we uncovered more than 120 such movements in towns and cities all over the UK and we expect to find more examples of these extraordinary partnerships. These are people who are fed up with working in isolation from, or in competition with, other churches in their area. They are laying down theological and cultural differences for the sake of reaching their local area with the love of Christ. They are taking seriously the prayer of Jesus: “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me.” John 17:23


GATHER is a national network of these vibrant missional unity movements in towns and cities across the UK.

Together, we are growing a national network of unity movements from across the UK. A gathering together of those who believe that when churches and leaders put down their differences and start to form friendships, pray together and undertake mission initiatives for the sake of their local areas, God commands the blessing.

What happens when leaders of unity movements form friendships across the UK from city to city, town to town, and begin to pray and do mission work together for the sake of the UK?

Can we see an even greater blessing?

What happens when places share best practice with each other and are inspired to a greater vision of social and spiritual transformation of their areas?

What happens when other cities and towns are inspired to start unity movements themselves so that eventually all the major towns and cities in our nation have vibrant prayer-focused and friendship-based mission vision?

Can we see a fundamental change in the social and spiritual landscape of the UK?

What We Do

Gather is building a growing movement, and not an organisation, that encourages and supports unity movements to grow and develop in their prayer, friendships and missional transformation activities.

  • We offer teaching through articles and seminars that encourage best practice and innovative ways of building unity, mission and social and cultural transformation together.
  • We encourage shared practice and the telling of stories from across the nation as an encouragement and stimulus for other cities and towns to follow.
  • We host a website that shows where unity movements have been formed and offer links to contacts for churches wanting to join them.
  • We offer links to partnership organisations that work with churches in towns and cities in missional contexts.
  • We encourage new and innovative ways for working together for the transformation of our towns and cities through civic gospel initiatives with borough councils, business, media, health, arts as well as through the local church.

GATHER is a collaboration of unity movements across the UK, served and enabled by the Evangelical Alliance.

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